Rustic Parties Barrels and Props, Southern California, Orange County
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Props and Decorations

Rustic Parties loves this timeless invention of barrel making and cant say enough about the respect we have for today's and yesterday's Coopers. We believe they deserve a drink from the "Angels' Share".  

At Rustic Parties we are always increasing our exclusive collection of rentals. These props and decorations can be used in a wide variety of party themes and photo shoot sets. They're perfect for bride and groom displays, guest info and gift table decor.

Aged Whiskey Barrels

Rustic Parties
Rustic Parties

We also offer our ageing barrels separately to be used as decoration for weddings, receptions, showers, etc. These standard 53 gallon barrels stand roughly 35 inches tall from the bottom to the top chime hoop and are 24 inches wide at the barrel's bilge.   

Rustic Parties