Rustic Parties
Rustic Parties
Rustic Parties

​​​​​​​​They stand a little lower then our Birchwood Hightops at 37" tall and are perfect for rustic country style weddings, parking lot barbecues, corporate parties and other celebrations. 

​​Barrel Bars

​​​​​​Rustic Parties is proud to offer our new Briarsmoke Barrel Bars. Barrel bars consist of two aged, antique whiskey barrels with a lustrous rough-cut briarsmoke counter top, measuring 8 feet in length by 3 feet in width (roughly). They stand at a perfect serving height of 36 inches!

​​Barrel cocktails

Barrel Cocktail Tables from rustic parties Orange County Southern California
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Rustic Parties Barrel Bars, wine bars, whisky barrels Slab top, Orange County, Southern California

​​​​​​​​The Barrel Cocktail Tables are one of Rustic Parties newest and hottest items available. They add a uniqueness only offered by Rustic Parties and feature a handmade round, one and a half inch, solid Briarsmoke Wood Top.

​​​​​​​​Rustic Parties Briarsmoke Barrel Bars are great for full or self-service wine and beverage bars. They also can be used elegantly for your dessert and gift tables, or catered food to serve your guests at your wedding or next party.